Secure online interaction no longer
involves compromising between ease of
use and strong security.

Security with Convenience

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Access your online life securely
no matter where you or your
employees are – at home, in the
office, or on the move.

Set Yourself Free

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When you’re online you want to be able to
access sites quickly, but you want to know
your information is

Your Personal Key to the Digital World

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Your mobile device is an extension of
you, use it as a gateway for security
that is simplified and personalized.

The Extension of You

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Adding location, intent, persistence,
and presence to the authentication
process brings the strongest security.

Make Authentication Personal

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Credentials are targets for cyber attacks
and highly desirable prizes for cybercriminals.
Fortify your credentials and stop breaches
before they happen.

Credential Breach Averted


Add Facial Recognition capabilities to your Enterprise
Applications by implementing our Biometric Platform SDK.
No special equipment required.

Facial Biometric Platform and SDK

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Your Personal Key to the Digital World

Authomate’s suite of next generation user authentication solutions bridges the vulnerability gaps in credential security and makes it easy to use through a user’s mobile device – Authentication that is as mobile as you are. Authomate is changing the way you think about security.
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