Authomate, Inc. Raises $1M to Bring Next Generation Authentication Solutions to Market

Strategic investment to bring revolutionary approach to security and authentication to enterprises worldwide.

Authomate, Inc., a pioneer of next generation authentication solutions, has closed a $1M round of note funding. This investment enables Authomate to continue development of its revolutionary StrongPass solutions and extend their capabilities into additional areas of the enterprise.

Authomate’s StrongPass family of solutions enables enterprise users to experience a vastly more secure, yet user-friendly online experience with just a mobile device and a single login. StrongPass securely contains credentials on each end user’s trusted mobile device, provides an easy-to-use authentication interface, and obfuscates the authentication process, directing authentication traffic away from malicious actors via a patented cloud-based process. Through the introduction of additional authentication factors – including location, intent, presence, and persistence – and by encompassing traditional identity verification measures, the StrongPass family of solutions increases the security robustness and usability for individuals and across complex organizations.

“Enterprises today are fighting a losing battle when it comes to their network and information security,” said Jeff Schmidt, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Authomate, Inc. “Chief Security Officers are in the unenviable position of plugging security vulnerabilities with fragmented solutions that effectively clamp down on information access and data sharing, which hinder productivity. Authomate’s StrongPass solutions are engineered to close these security gaps and deliver strong authentication while empowering end users through improved information flows, and driving adherence through a simple, easy-to-use interface.”

In addition to driving the continued development of the StrongPass family of products, the $1M investment in Authomate allows the company to transition pilot customers to paid users by demonstrating the tangible business impact of its StrongPass product family. It will also enable the company to work with enterprise across the retail, healthcare, financial services, and energy sectors that are frustrated with the current state of data security and the failure of today’s security solutions to provide meaningful protection for their proprietary business information and customers’ personally identifiable information.

“Authomate has an exciting technology that will truly empower enterprises as they move towards a risk-based approach to security and authentication,” added Authomate’s CTO and Founder, Piyush Bhatnagar. “It’s been very rewarding to take the vision of a simple, yet highly secure, way to access our online personas from concept to deployment. This strategic investment will provide the capital the company needs to finalize the development of its solutions and solidify its abilities to support enterprise customers.”

About Authomate
Authomate is a provider of next generation cloud and mobile device-based authentication solutions that bridge current vulnerability gaps by using trusted mobile devices to easily prove an authorized user’s identity and intent, while moving the flow of credential authentication away from malicious actors. This protects critical data and denies malicious actors access networks.

Authomate’s solutions offer a hardened security core that rebuffs malicious activities and significantly reduces the costs of being secure both in terms of time and financial costs. This hardened core is wrapped with a user-friendly interface that makes strong security simple to use and accessible. At home or at work, Authomate’s users are protected by a revolutionary authentication process that ensures they’ll never be headline news.

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