Protect your Documents using StrongPass

Protect all your important documents without worrying about managing passwords for individual documents.

No need to remember any password, no need to type anything. Let StrongPass take care of it for you.

DropBox and Box and other cloud based content solutions work great. They allow to you to easily backup your content and provide a great sharing platform. The documents are secured, but are only protected by the single one login/password that you use to access the site. If that one account is compromised, all of the documents saved in your cloud account are exposed. This lack of stronger security and dependence on a single login/password should make individual users and businesses take another look at their content security.

StrongPass AppConnect is a non-invasive Windows application that you install on your Windows devices to give StrongPass capabilities to your windows based applications such as Office 365 and VPN clients. Using AppConnect and your StrongPass app, you can add passwords to your Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Acrobat documents (and more). 

StrongPass protects each of your documents with its own secure credentials, and manages these credentials so you never have to worry about remembering a password or leaving your documents unprotected.

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