Workflow Authorization with SDK and StrongPass App

Use StrongPass SDK in your applications and websites and implement workflow authorization using StrongPass app without compromising ease of use.



Workflow applications used automate business processes to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Most of these applications have some steps that require human interaction or intervention. They often require users to respond to approval emails or click on links to sign-in and accept or reject results.


Although these applications automate the workflow, they are still fraught to malicious use and they are far from being the equivalent of a physical signature of the approver. Using StrongPass SDK with workflow applications, web apps or web sites can leverage Authomate’s patented out-of-band orchestration of credentials and critical content and confirm a user’s personal identity for approval processes.

With the help of SDK, an application can enforce better security by leveraging geofencing, face capture, biometrics and date/time restrictions and the user can approve or accept workflow process results seamlessly without having to worry about credentials or tokens. 

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